photographer: Sandy Teperson
“Local Testimony,” a regional exhibition of photojournalism, runs concurrently with the annual “World Press Photo” exhibition that features international press photographers. The local exhibition first appeared in 2003 and has since drawn thousands of visitors each year, as well as hundreds of thousands of entries in the “Local Testimony” website. The latest venue for the exhibition is the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv where it is considered a major cultural event in the field of Israeli photojournalism.
This yearly exhibition features the best documentary and press photos from Israel and the Palestinian Authority chosen by an independent jury out of thousands of entries submitted for competition by professional photographers working in the area. The show is meticulously organized each year by a guest curator to reflect the sequence of yearly events and to present selected images documenting moments of cultural, social and human significance together with media value. Thus, the exhibition represents a retrospective of the past year’s events in images typifying a variety of categories.
Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin, initiator and director of “Local Testimony,” is credited for having brought the World Press Photo exhibition to Israel in 2002 and for adding the local showing to accompany it in 2003. Positioning the two exhibitions side-by-side during a designated month each year has resulted in extensive public and media exposure to the work of those professional photographers operating in the region and worldwide, who diligently provide images to the press and magazines around the clock all year long, performing their mission with credibility and devotion, but not always receiving the credit and suitable cultural recognition they deserve.
“Local Testimony” continues to pursue ways to reinforce the status and creative endeavors of press photographers through new and innovative avenues of expression. In 2008, together with the Peres Center for Peace, the group initiated the Frames of Reality project – a seminar and workshop advocating thought and personal criticism among professional Israeli and Palestinian photojournalists.

Thanks to:

The news and content website Y-net which has supported the exhibition from its inception to this day.

The Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, for hosting and promoting the exhibition.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality – Offices of the Spokesman.