The presentation of documentary works of varied content through multiple media platforms has grown in popularity around the world. This media development in its various manifestations has influenced the field of photojournalism as well, and press photographers across the globe are choosing to combine a number of techniques to express their documentary work: still photographs, video segments, sound tracks, announcements and text material cleverly integrated into a single innovative and original presentation. “Local Testimony” has employed commentary to enhance and develop the genre of documentary photography, and since 2007 has offered complex multimedia presentations in its exhibitions which have been staged in cooperation with photographers.

This year, in the framework of developing a new website, a special category has been added for selected multimedia presentations of works created in Israel and abroad by local photographers whose work has not been included in the “Local Testimony” exhibition. In years to come, this developing form will stand as an independent category alongside still photography in the “Local Testimony” competition.