Register for Local Testimony 2020

Photo: Alexander Bronfer | Local Testimony 2019

Call for Entries, Local Testimony 2020 

Photojournalists and photographic artists are invited to submit entries for the photographic exhibition Local Testimony 2020.

Please note, entries may be submitted only via the Local Testimony website, from July 15 through midnight on August 8.

The competition is open to photo-journalists, documentary photographers, and professional artists, who are holders of press cards or whose work has been published in print and/or online media during the last year. Artists who have exhibited their work in solo or group exhibitions in contemporary art museums or galleries during the last four years are also invited to participate.

For further information, please read the instruction guide.

The categories of Local Testimony 2020:

  1. News – Major current events covered in the main media channels.

  2. Religion and Faith – faiths, customs, rituals and ceremonies.

  3. Society and Community – ways of life and struggles of diverse communities living in the local reality.

  4. Urbanism and Culture – art, design, architecture and street photography

  5. Sports – professional, competitive and amateur sports – athletes and their fans

  6. Nature and the Environment – photographs of nature, flora and fauna, alongside issues that relate to ecology and preservation of the environment.

  7. Long Exposure – a photo-narrative which has had time and documentary depth dedicated to it, creating an individual, expressive visual language. A series in this category should include 15 photographs. This category is only open to photographers with press cards or artist photographers.

  8. Video – short video clips produced between 2019 and 2020, that fall in line with the contest’s categories.

    Creators of video works should register for the competition by August 8, 2020. The submission deadline is August 13, 2020. Works should be uploaded via sites for transferring large files or by emailing a link to .
    Works should be no longer than 10 minutes and the file size should not exceed 200MB. Please make sure to use your name in Latin characters as the filename.







Local Testimony Team, 2020

Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin, director
Vardi Kahana, photographer and curator
Ami Steinitz, curator

Sandy Teperson, production manager

Maya Katorza, production manager​
Anat Kleiman, graphic designer

Curator: Eldad Rafaeli, photographer, artist, and curator

Registered photographers

New photographers