Photo: Abir Sultan, EPA | Local Testimony 2015

Important Updates 
Dear photographers, 

Despite of the challenges that the Corona presents to us, and changes in museums exhibition programs which has affected us too, we are delighted to announce that Local Testimony exhibition will be shown this year too, and thus we will maintain the important annually tradition, which dates back to 2003.

This year the Local Testimony and World Press Photo 2020 exhibition will take place in a new and exciting photography center, being set up even these days in Kiryat HaMelacha, South Tel Aviv.

The exhibitions will be open in November and launch the center, which will be a permanent site for local and international photography exhibitions and will house a photography school.

Please note that this year the competition dates have been brought forward. The Local Testimony website will open for uploading photos on Sunday July 26, 2020 and will remain open until August 8, 2020 at midnight.

Prize to a value of ₪40,000 will be awarded to the prize-winning photographers. Prizes will be awarded for Photo of the Year, Series of the Year and Video of the Year. In addition the ‘Shomrim Prize’ will be awarded to a series or single photo expressing a meaningful democratic issue in one of the exhibition categories. Each of the prizes will be to the sum of ₪10,000.

Please prepare the photograph portfolios, video works and the accompanying texts following the instructions in the competition guide on the website.

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Local Testimony 2020 team