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Photo: Nitzan Hafner | Local Testimony 2011

Opening of Registration
Dear photographers,

Today the Local Testimony website has opened for uploading photos submitted for this year’s competition.

The selected photographs will be shown in the Local Testimony 2020 exhibition alongside the World Press Photo exhibition. The exhibitions will open in November at the new photography center being set up in the gallery area of Kiryat HaMelacha, Tel Aviv.

Deadline for uploading photos to the website: August 8, 2020, at midnight.

We will appreciate it if you upload photos sooner rather than later. Waiting until the last minute overloads the system and causes delays in transferring files. Note that you can go on making changes to your portfolio up until the deadline.

Creators of video works: you should register for the contest up until August 8, 2020. The deadline for submitting works is August 13, 2020.

Guidelines for submitting photos and video works are to be found in the competition guide on the website.


Local Testimony 2020 team

Founding Director: Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin

Curator: Eldad Rafaeli

Ayelet Hashahar Cohen – Ilan Itzhayek – Vardi Kahana – Heidi Levine – Rami Maymon – Doron Tsabari – Etty Schwartz


Editorial Board:

Vardi Kahana – Ami Steinitz

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Good Luck,

Local Testimony 2020 team

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