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Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Haaretz | Local Testimony 2022

Local Testimony 2023
Dear photographers,

As we prepare the system for uploading entries to the 2023 contest, this would be a great time to start selecting photographs in the different categories. A careful selection accompanied by a succinct verbal description will increase the quality of your submission and make it easier to stay on schedule.

The Local Testimony team is working to strengthen the position of documentary photography within local art and culture and increase recognition of those working in the field. Series submitted in the different categories and the “Long Exposure” category require meticulous editing and meticulous selection of the photos that comprise the narrative.

The link for uploading photos to the Local Testimony website will open on August 13, 2023 and close at midnight on August 31, 2023.


The contest categories are as follows:

  1. News – central current events covered in the various media channels. Note: up to 12 single photos may be submitted in this category.

  2. Religion and Faith – beliefs, customs, rituals and ceremonies.

  3. Society and Community – different communities’ ways of life and struggles.

  4. Urbanism and Culture – art, design, architecture, urban environment, and street photography.

  5. Sport – professional, competitive and amateur sports – athletes and their fans.

  6. Nature and the Environment – photographs of landscapes, flora and fauna, alongside issues connected to ecology and preservation of the environment.

  7. Long Exposure – a photo-narrative which has had time and documentary depth dedicated to it, creating an individual, expressive visual language. A series in this category should include 15 photographs.

  8. Video – shbort video clips up to 7 minutes long, produced from 2022–2023, that fall in line with the contest’s categories, to be selected by the curator.

Further details can be found in the instructing guide.


This year again cash prizes to a total of ₪40,000 will be awarded to the photographers of the winning works.

Prizes will be awarded to the photographers of the Photo of the Year, Series of the Year and Video of the Year, as well as the “Shomrim Prize”. Each prize will be to the sum of ₪10,000.


Best wishes and good luck,

The Local Testimony 2023 team

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