Photo: Ben Kelmer | Local Testimony 2015

Last days to submit works
Dear photographers, 

Thank you to the many photographers who have already registered for the competition and uploaded their photos to the exhibition website.

Photographers who have not yet submitted photos should be aware that there is only one week left until the competition deadline, midnight on August 8, 2020. After this deadline you will no longer be able to upload photos and/or make changes to your portfolio.

Creators of videos should register for the competition on the exhibition website by August 8, 2020, but will be able to upload submitted works until August 13, 2020.

Guidelines for submitting photos and video works are to be found in the competition guide on the website.

This year prizes to a value of ₪40,000 will be awarded to the prize-winning photographers. Prizes will be awarded for Photo of the Year, Series of the Year and Video of the Year. In addition the ‘Shomrim Prize’ will be awarded to a series or single photo expressing a meaningful democratic issue in one of the exhibition categories. Each of the prizes will be to the sum of ₪10,000.

Local Testimony is the only exhibition in Israel for photo-journalism and documentary photography, and it has built up a huge reputation over the years, thanks to you and for your benefit.

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


With best wishes for a successful exhibition,

Local Testimony 2020 team