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Photo: Alexander Bronfer | Local Testimony 2020

Local Testimony 2021
Opening of Registration
Dear photographers,

The Local Testimony website opens today for uploading entries to this year’s contest.
The selected photos will appear in the Local Testimony 2021 exhibition alongside World Press Photo.

The closing date for uploading photos to the website is July 24th, 2021, at midnight.

We will appreciate it if you submit your photos well before the deadline. Waiting until the last minute overloads the system and slows down the file transfers. Please note that you can make changes to your portfolio up until the closing date.

Creators of video works should register for the contest no later than July 24th, 2021. The deadline for submitting works is August 7th, 2021.

Instructions for submitting photos and video works can be found in the instructing guide on the website.

Local Testimony 2021 team:

Founding Director: Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin

Curator: Galia Gur Zeev



Reli Avrahami – Yuval Bitton – Dr. Noam Gal  – Ilan Itzhayek – Guy Raz – Anat Saragusti – Dr Orly Shevi


Editorial Board:

Vardi Kahana – Ami Steinitz


We will be happy to provide any assistance necessary.


Good luck,

Local Testimony 2021 Team

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